Hello! And thank you for attending or watching the replay of our webinar "Getting Started with DevOps on AWS".

If you'd like to quickly spin up some minimal infrastructure to use with testing out CodeDeploy, as shown in the webinar demonstration, you can use the following instructions.

1) Create or get access to an AWS account. AWS has a "free tier" for 1 year where you can use portions of their service for absolutely free.

2) Make sure that you have an EC2 keypair available for launching instances. If you don't have a keypair, you'll need to create a pair or import a pair ( you must be logged into the AWS web console for this link to work ).

3) Use the CloudFormation template located here to spin up a load balancer an autoscale group, and 2 ec2 instances with the codedeploy-agent installed.

You can use the "Upload a template file" option in CloudFormation Create stack, here ( you must be logged into the AWS web console for this link to work ).

Note that this CloudFormation template currently supports ap-southeast-2, us-east-1, and us-west-2 regions.

Use "codedeploy1" or another name of your choosing for the stack name. Keep all the defaults chosen and select the appropriate Key Name/Launch Key/Key Pair that you verified in your account earlier, so that you can SSH into the instances if necessary. Click next through the menus and then select the check-box for "I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources" and then click "Create stack".

Remember to Delete the CloudFormation stack when you're done using it!

Enjoy using AWS Developer Tools! ( CodeDeploy, CodeBuild, and CodePipeline ).

If you'd like to go into more depth on these Continuous Delivery services, watch my full length Pluralsight video course here.

You can post questions in the course discussion area or reach out to me on Twitter @WesleyTech

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